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The White Pearl at a misty night
The White Pearl at a misty night (mostly)
Thursday, 16th of July, 2020
Aufbruch nach Batavia - (Departure to Batavia)
Th' crew be ready, we 'ave swab ship, th' sails 'ave been repaired 'n everythin' else be ready
Our course has been set: South-South East
We be goin' t' Batavia
Dutch Pirates in Aufbruch nach Batavia
Tuesday, 12th of May, 2020 - "Dutch Pirates in Quarantaine"
Dutch pirates in Quarantaine
Sunday, 7th of April, 2019
We,the DUTCH PIRATES and our friends Captain Thomas "Raven" Murphy, Boatswain Baldric J. Frost, Fiddles -Just Music
all three from the mighty ship "DESPERADO" and members of "ALLEMANSEND"
are honored to participate in the amazing production "PIRATES OF BATAVIA" of MackMedia for EUROPA-PARK (Germany)
See you next time here:
Piraten in Batavia-link Youtube